Just to tell you,

I tried to tell it to you thru’ a comment on your official Youtube profile so that you know it, but I (wrongly) wrote it in French, so that you know you’re famous in other countries than your one; but you didn’t accept it maybe cuz you don’t know our language, nor understand it. Well, that’s not grave. I want now to tell it to you here, as to others people.

Well, here it is. First, I known you in a video posted without your name, by weak-minded people that we don’t care, such as dummy Youtubers. But since I am clever, I at least found it. So your name is Nichole L., huh? Ok, my name isn’t Leon (cf. L30NBL4NK, leet for Leon Blank) as you saw but Matthias. I knew you thru’ Youtubers, so I only want to tell you (according to the title) that I support you. Though your voice is not the best I heard (even if it is cute 😀 ), I think you can still practise yourself with lessons. I know you can do it. You may become more famous.

I could write for hours, but remember this only thing:

Keep it up…


Lobster / Homard

Lobster pic